Business zone

The business part of The Capital Plaza, where you may lease a space for the headquarters of  your company or enterprise, consist of two business towers and 4* business hotel CentreVille Hotel & Experiences, and it takes the total surface of 32.500 sqm. Leasing office space offers the opportunity for our clients to adopt their office size to their own needs, desires and the nature of their business, giving them a comfortable and pleasant working environment. These spaces are equipped in accordance with the highest standards of similar facilities in the world.
Our reception service, fast elevators, fire-alarm systems, surveillance and management system and central air-conditioning make your office in The Capital Plaza an ideal place to work.


St. Sheikh Zayed 13, II/05, 1st Floor
81000 Podgorica, Montenegro
+382 20 234 077
+382 20 234 078